DIY Christmas Wreath for under $10

It’s that time of year when the snows falling down…. da da da da da that’s as far as I know with this catchy song. So, the stage is set. It’s Christmas time! *Oprah voice* “you get a wreath and you get a wreath!” Let’s craft, shall we.

Items that are worth nearly nothing.

*Side Note*

This might seem like a lot of items but, if you truly think about it you are basically borrowing items from other decorations or using items that you have on hand. I am sure you could take a clipping from an old wreath or give a cute ornament a new home. I am almost positive that you have an old shirt, scarf or your kids shirt that they have outgrown.

What you need:

Dollar Store wire wreath

fabric or reuse old clothing item to get desired look. *I used an old scarf*

Dollar Store floral wire wrap or any wire would work *even pipe cleaner if the color blends in with wreath*

berry wire wrap or anything to add color..

glue gun and sticks

E6000 glue for reinforcement

garland or any greenery

wooden balls with holes pre-drilled or you can drill holes yourself if you are up to it.

A piece of leather to hang or fabric, wire. You can either hot glue, or sew the fabric (if using as a hook to hang)

brass brags to use as a closure on the leather strap.

Cute little ornament to finish off the look. *see below*

When using E6000 glue or any type of bonding agent..a helpful tip is to add a nail through the tip so it’s easy to use again and so it doesn’t dry out. It’s been a lifesaver and has cut back on the cursing.

DIY Ornament out of paper bag

Literally a paper bag! Not the paper bags that you would pack your kids lunch in but, the grocery store paper bags (they are much thicker).

Draw desired shape, Make sure to cut out two because you are going to layer (top, bottom). You can use a cookie cutter if you would like. And the possibilities are endless… snowman, angel, cowboy, star. Whatever your heart desires.

Use your creativity and paint! Add on buttons, or pieces of fabric to spruce it up.

On the second piece that you cut out, cut out a tiny hole where you are able to fill it up with cotton (from pillows, or cotton balls)

Once top layer is dry glue top and bottom pieces together with hot glue. (thin outline of cutout with the glue)

Stuff the ornament. (you can use a pencil to help push in)

glue it shut (you can use cute fabric piece or felt to cover up hole)

If you wanted to make as ornaments just glue on a piece of wire.

I added texture to santas beard with snow globe glitter snow.

Most importantly; Be creative and have fun!

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