Momming Hard

Veni, vidi, vici.

If you’re not complaining about motherhood you’re not doing it right. It’s HARD! But, never sitting with my babies did I ever think “this is a waste of time” even, when they bullied me into doing the weird animal noises, when reading their books. And the willingness to contort your face into an emotion so my daughters can understand what hurt looks like, when biting become their form of hello.

I must say I’ve giving some Oscar worthy performance over the years. To the endless poop inspections I did to make sure they dietary needs are being met. My girls have been the BEST yet MOST challenging decision I’ve ever did.

The amount of self growth I have done in the short years since having them have trumped any self-growth before them. Their peace of mind has become an important thing to me.

It’s made me work harder to work my own shit out for the good of their beautiful faces. Trying my best
to love and guide myself and them though this world that can be scary and amazing at the same time, so I’m discovering.

Parenting is like having sunny day filled with blue skies and chirping birds in the front lawn with a tornado in your backyard ready to wreck your shit up at a moment’s notice.

We don’t do what we don’t want to do.

If only that was true. For the most part it is, but after joining this amazing experience of parenthood you find yourself agreeing , volunteering, hosting (Yikes) events you would have never agreeded to do before children.

I’m not a big group person, not because I don’t have the social skill, belive me, I was and still can be at times the “social butterfly”. But, I have finally found the power in not needing outside acceptance for my life to feel fulfilled. I prefer…

The power of HOPE:

Three wishes… if only. Let’s pretend, a magical genie did existed and you were the lucky person of three wishes what would you wish for?

I could think of myself clever and wish for more wishes. I’m sure, I wouldn’t have been alone with that wish. But, three wishes is all you get. No more, no least.

1: I’d wish to end all animal and human suffering, Done!

2: I’d wish for my family to be safe from harm.

3: To be the smartest person in the world. (said in an climactic voice)

Ok, the last one was a selfish wish but their my wishes. The one thing wishes give us real or not is hope, isn’t that all we need.

As long as I can remember my dad use to buy these lottery tickets he would hold them tightly in his hand and say ” this one feels lucky, Dora i can feel it!” He has so much hope that I believed him every time. The car drive back home was filled with all the possibilities of financial freedom for his loved ones. With that big win, he would one day win. That ticket was his genie. His hope …..

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