Air Dry Stampted Clay Ornaments

Well, the name says it all. “Air Dry” nothing easier then that.

Love a good Air Dry every once and a while. Especially, one that is painted with something that you already have on hand…nail polish.

What you will need:

Air Dry Clay

Cookie cutters


Dried Flowers *optional

Rolling pin

Nail Polish

*optional* Mod Podge I would have used for sure but, with the nail polish I felt I didn’t need it. You use your best judgment. If you are wanting a more finished look then I would recommend using.

Let’s prep

I had on hand a cookie sheet that I use for my girls projects (dollar tree..holla!!) Less mess for me to slave over, am I right?!

*Try to have access to water throughout the rolling out/cutting out process. It just helps fix those cracks that you will start to see in the clay, when it starts to dry out.

Roll out your clay

Stamp clay with stampers (I prefer doing the stamping before the cookie cutter part, just to see what you are working with) Also prefer, to cut it out with my daughters playdoh tools.. you know those plastic knives that come with their kits (if you choose to free hand it instead of using a cookie cutter)

Cut with cutters, if you are wanting to hang, then I recommend that you do add a tiny hole now before it dries. *I used a flat head screw (or you can use the back of a thin paint brush, pencil..etc.)

*Also, if you would like to press in dried flowers, do it right after you cut out shape. I pressed the flower in with some water on fingers.

If you haven’t dipped those fingers in the water yet, well now’s your chance. This is the right timing to make sure your beauty is the look you are going for. Dip those fingers and fix whatever crack, smudge, or dent.

Now the magic…just let it dry I’d say depending on thickness of clay, 24hrs or longer.

Painting with Nail polish on clay worked out perfect. You only needed one coat. The brush bristles were just the right size to get a good stroke. It just made the “job” of painting go a bit smoother.

I have to say, that the nail polish with glitter is a must! Even if you paint the ornament first or you decide to go without, it stands out from the crowd.

Viola! Just like that, you spruced up a loved ones gift.

Let’s wrap it up

In my teen years, I used to use old magazine pages to make envelopes for my letters that I would then mail out, It added pizazz.

I still love using beautiful paper. It doesn’t have to be expensive to add a little art to your gifts. Your children’s books that you were going to donate would do the job, anything that catches your eye, the print on the pages, the color in the books, newspaper, music sheets, magazine pages. Why purchase something that is going to be trashed anyway. Re-use!

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