Last minute DIY gifts..

To the added stress and pressure of the count down. We have concluded a couple of simple, do-it-yourself ideas to finish off what we didn’t want to begin in the first place. But, we’re here, tired, and participating. Is this what the holiday has turned me into. A Scrooge?

Ok, now that I have pulled myself together. Drum roll please….

Easy, affordable diy’s that everyone would love to receive

…And when I say everyone, I mean myself.

Rock painting..the new 2020 craft next to baking bread. Anyways, we are working with what we got. A rock, paint brush, paint, and imagination.

Rock Herb Garden Markers from Fizz Finds

If you have any jewelry wire lying around like I do. Might I suggest “Garden Markers.”

Garden Markers The Folk Etsy Shop

Chai Tea Latte Mix- made with Nestea, powdered coffee creamer, Cardamom. All you need is a sweet bow. And another gift checked off your list. Who else do we have left?

Aloe Green Tea -face scrub- Although, I use this as a body scrub in addition to face. I absolutely love this and its so simple to make.

DIY Bubble Wand With Beads

Made with a wooden dowel, pipe cleaner, beads. Such a Brilliant idea for those little bubble lovers. I definitely will be adding this one to my “to do” list.😉

Clay Ring Holders

Made with polymer clay.

And the fact that they offer more than one holder is genius. I love the classic colors to them.  But, since you will be “doing it yourself” like I always say “the possibilities are endless.”

Fabric Bookmarks

Where are all of your fabric scrapes stashed? Here is the moment that you need to pull them out.

Made by cutting “4×4” squares, ironing interfacing in between, and sealing it closed with a top stitch.

I hope these bring you comfort and joy along the way with creating and giving.

Breathe that sigh or relief because, your list is finished.

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

-Joseph Chilton Pearce

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