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That damn clock ticks loud in my ear reminding me how much time I’m wasting. Father time you’re an asshole, bossy as hell and I don’t even want to get into the shit you do to my body when I’m not looking.

We are all peons to his ever demanding timekeeping being told “when to” and “for how long.” not to mention always chasing that ever ticking last minute. We NEVER, let me say it again, NEVER have enough time for the things we want to achieve. The deadline of my “to do” list will never be complete. I’m starting to be ok with that , I think? On a good day I am at least.

What I’ve been trying to focus on lately is staying mindful to enjoy the time I have, in that day.

Is my happy meter above 60%?

I’ve come to realize I’m not stuck in a Instagram life…..my house will never be on the cover of Better Home and Garden, but its warm and safe. my body will never be bikini ready, ever! But I’m healthy and active. My meal will never look like it was made from a T.V. chef ( Ree Drummond, we love you) lord knows I’ve tried. Many prayer have been said in this kitchen as I’m racing to get dinner on to plates.

As for vacations… I know no such word, day trips are more our speed. Beach, park and exploring our town has brought us more laughs then a week long trip, miles from home.

Life feels like it’s moving way to fast and the feeling to meet these life expectations, makes time that ticks much less enjoyable.

So instead of giving into that energy, I’m going to concisely practice deep breathing. By doing so, I replace that anxiety filled ticking with a mindful view, of the moment and just exist.

Photo by Madison Inouye

5 Ways Of Practicing “Self Hugs”


Fill those lungs up friends! Deep inhale and deep exhale. Feel the belly rise and fall, while sitting, eyes closed. If you catch your mind taking you somewhere, mentally say, (while breathing) “belly rinsing, belling falling.” That brings your awareness back into the present moment.

Do not identify with feelings

“I am not sad, I am experiencing sadness” Your emotions are not you. They are temporary visitors that sometimes over stay their welcome.

Just notice them. Give them a title, no need to be accurate. Sad? Bored? Weird?

The more often you name your emotions and see them as temporary, the less they will control you.

Get Moving

Whether you; go to the park with your kids, do a couple stretches in your living room, trying tai chi in your backyard. Taking a few minutes to move is very beneficial for the mind and the body.

Make an effort to look good

This doesn’t mean getting jazzed up from head to toe. It does mean, hair brushing, nice shower, getting dressed, maybe an eyelash curling, one baby coat of mascara, if and only IF you are up to it, try some eyeliner.. I am telling you, eyeliner does the job. You know the saying “if you look good you feel good” it’s so true.

Make yourself a priority

Try learning a new skill. Maybe you have always loved woodworking or gardening but, never attempt because of those road blocks, start clearing the path. What a better time then NOW to start.

OR, you are so talented that you don’t know where to start..just start. Doing something that you enjoy nourishes and challenges the mind.

5 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. I resonate so much with not identifying with your feelings, but the practice itself is pretty hard. I do, more often than not, find myself succumbing to them, and I need to always remind myself to not fall into that trap. But the more I think about it, the easier it is to get stuck in an emotional loop. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


    1. It’s ok and it’s honest and all so real. Acknowledge them, then help them pack their bags by saying mentally (belly rising, belly falling) that will then bring you back to the reality that we all want to be in. The trick is to not allow the mind to take over. You got this friend!


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