Overcoming Burnout

Photo by Anna Tarazevich


Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Try to set a schedule of your evening to make sure that you have at least 7-9 hours rest.

Journaling and practicing gratitude

When you start to journal, you notice thoughts or feelings that you had to step over to get to the most important ones throughout your day. You are also allowing yourself to sit in it, and examine the why’s. Write down your stressors and problem- solve.

Change in scenery

Step outside for some fresh air to help alleviate the clutter thoughts. Immediately when you step outside, you’ll start to notice, you take much deeper breaths then inside. Fill up those lungs with some fresh air!

Have device free time

There are so many worlds we have to show up at, so many expectations and sometimes feel like you need an assistant for your assistant (that you do not have) The world is moving at a fast pace and just trying to keep up, could be challenging.

It’s ok to shut it off for awhile. Set a timer and a goal of not picking your phone up. Start small; 30 mins and then try to move your time up gradually. I know when I don’t feel the pressure to show up, I actually show up.

Delegate your work load

The feeling of “doing it all” could make anyone go into a full blown panic attack. The how’s, when’s and why’s start to creep their unwelcomed selves in. Just breathe. Make a list of importance and start seeing if family members could help around the house or colleagues can help.

Delegating takes away “one more” thing that took up space in your mind, the feeling of letting it go can often ease the anxiety.

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