Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them

Photo by OVAN

DopamineThe Reward Chemical

  • Listening to music
  • Self- care activities
  • Getting a good nights rest
  • Foods to eat; drak chocolate, cheese, unprocessed meats, fish, dairy, almonds, walnuts, fruits and vegetables.

Oxytocin- The Love Hormone

  • Self-care
  • Hugs
  • Cuddle up; with your pets or loved ones
  • Try out yoga
  • Letting someone know how much you appreciate them- By doing so, it can increase prosocial feelings on both sides.
  • Listening to music- Not only does it improve your mood, focus, and motivation. It also seems to help improve the ability to create social bonds.

SerotoninThe Mood Stabalizer

  • Walk in Nature
  • Swimming
  • Sun exposure or light therapy
  • Meditation: Meditating can help relive stress and help promote a positive outlook.
  • Foods that can increase serotonin levels include eggs, cheese, turkey, nuts, salmon, tofu, and pineapple.

Endorphin- The painkiller

  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Essential oils
  • Golf (walk instead of using cart)
  • Watching a comedy
  • Exercising- low impact aerobics
  • Foods to eat; Chocolate, Strawberries, Animal protein, Oranges, Spicy foods, Grapes, Nuts and seeds, Ginseng.

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles have strengthened me.”

Walt Disney

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