Wine Cork Mushroom Ornament

I bet we all have lots of wine corks lying around, thanks to 2020. If you’re looking for a reuse project then keep scrolling. So simple even your cat can make.

Air dry clay, mushroom ornament could be used in your garden, tied to a gift, reused as wine cork (minus the wire), part of a ‘forest theme’ garland or wreath, mobile for your backyard or your dear child’s tree house…whatever floats your boat. That’s the beauty of this- the possibilities are endless😉


  • Wine cork
  • Air dry clay
  • Paint (any)
  • Jewelry wire (or any wire) **optional(depends on use)**
  • E6000

Start with molding your clay to reassemble your desired mushroom (keep water handy to help mold)

Allow clay to dry overnight. If you are using as ornament, add your wire before it dries (you might need to reinforce it with glue) Once dry, paint (I used only one coat.) To achieve the perfect dot; use the earser of a number 2 pencil. Then glue top to your cork

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