DIY Dollar Store Stacking Wall Shelves

I love the fact that it’s so versatile, just like those stackable, octagon shelves I’ve been seeing everywhere. Except, these boxes cost next to nothing.

*Applying stain- Make sure you are applying in a well-ventilated area- preferably, outside. Also, be sure to wear gloves and a mask. The smell still be overwhelming (even outside) and you should take caution.

Before applying stain you want to lightly sand down any rough edges (I’ve even used nail files) You can use a brush to evenly coat front and back of box. I like to use old towels and press in the stain, it makes for more saturation in color. Even when doing this method, I applied 2 coats. It all depends on desired shade. *I usually wait 30 min before applying 2nd coat*

*Allow 24/48 hours and possibly up to 72 hours to be sure your stain is completely dry.

Once your stain is completely dry; then, you can arrange your boxes to whatever your heart desire. Apply wood glue, with foam brush to the sides that need securing. Wipe away any excess glue *you can use clamps to hold together while they dry for 24 hours

Cut out burlap, to fit inside tray. I used a coffee bean bag. You could also use fabric, pages from books, pictures,

Add your frame hooks to the back of your shelf before gluing down the burlap. *By doing so you are able to cover up any dings in the process*I would recommend, D-Ring Picture Hangers

Glue burlap down with tacky glue. *Use a wet rag to press it down, it saves your hands from all that glue*

Allow to dry 1-4 hours.

*optional * I reused a drawer handle from our previous cabinets that we had on hand. The handle is secured on with a screw. *It depends on sizing of handle used to determine screw needed, (most handles come with screws)

This shelf is truly used as a decorative piece and not to hold heavy items. Choose wisely 😉

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