Let It Pass

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Parenting makes you come face to face with your fears and anxieties. And, if not prepared, it could knock you off your pedestal every once and awhile.

The real truth is that, until we are able to acknowledge it. It will return.’

Facing fears, what does that actually mean–standing on top of the ladder without your legs shaking. taking a hot air balloon ride and looking down, taking that cross country boat trip, in the middle of the ocean, out at sea, ALONE, hoping you don’t get stranded, or eaten alive limb by limb from a massive shark.

I hate to admit, driving over a bridge is the only time that my hands are on 10 and 2 position, clenched.

So what now..

Start little by being ok with letting go of control. contol within your day; allow someone else to pick the show for thr evening. control within your kids; give them choices that they can make for themselves..both people happy.
Just be present. Allow whatever will be.

“The go with the flow” persona is always what I stive for buuuut, life happens, everybody’s gotta eat, house has to be tended to, emotions and thoughts come and go, you can feel your shoulders rising up to your ears….AGH!

The fact is that, just about everyone is feeling this or has gone through it, tis life. By practicing deep breathing in your stressful moment it can bring down that heighten anxiety and bring you back to the “here and now” Where you are able to think logically and acknowledge those as just passing thoughts.

Let your worries and fears be a passing cloud in your blue sky.

“I’m not sure what the secret to happiness is but I am pretty sure it all starts outside”

-Tom Rosenthal

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