Paper Mache Jellyfish

I have been trying to re-vamp my twins playroom for some time. Every time I feel like I could close the book on it, another opportunity arises and takes over.

I was left with this wonderful Japanese printed fabric, that my mom brought back from Japan.

Living in Japan for 11 years is always going to be a part of life that I was so grateful to experience.

Our jellyfish are a simple mix of a recycled children’s book (which are my absolute favorite to use. The prints and typography are so bold and wonderful!) Elmer’s glue, and water.

Start by blowing up a ballon to your desired size.

Rip your pages/paper into strips (be aware of what you want to show while ripping.)

Mix 1 cup of glue with 3/4 cup water. Stir with a craft stick.

Add stripes of paper to your glue water. Once your strip is fully saturated with water start to lay out on ballon. (I found it much easier if, I set the ballon in a mug or a bowl. *It didn’t move around much.)

Allow to dry overnight.

The Tentacles

Cut fabric into 2″ strips (the length you desire, is up to you.)

Then, cut 1″ slits *at an angle down* on each side of your strip.

Bust your glue gun out…. it’s gluing time!

*I used six to eight tentacles depending on size of jellyfish.*

Arrange the tentacles by seeing where and how it will hang. Try to balance it out.

I used twine to hang but, I’m sure ribbon, or bakers twine will work as well.

These guys would be a great addition to a kids birthday party (or any party), a reading nook, playhouse/ catch my drift.


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