Have we met

Just two sisters here, sharing our ideas. Everything from DIY, home décor, plant care, tips and tricks, parenting ideas (without the shame), kids activities, a sprinkle of recipes, style, upcycling…basically a best friend that you always wanted without the commitments. Where my introverts at?!

And most importantly well, aside from being a kick ass parent is, that we have been each others cheerleader in life, not the annoying kind but, the “I got you girl” kind.

This is a judgement free, no shame in my game, encouraging mental enlightenment vibe. BRING IT UNIVERSE!!

When you are on 24/7 with life, you sometimes manage to loose your identity in the process. This is our space to give back to ourselves.. just a daily reminder of who we are as lil ladies.

Along the way, you will be provided with information, enlightenment, humor, and just a darn good read.

I invite you along for whatever ride we decide to take. Who know’s what we will stumble upon the way..those make for the best adventures, wouldn’t you agree?

So sit back, relax, and strap on your seat belt. You’ve never been on a ride like this before. -Dr. Dre

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