Dora’s Confessions

Sisters. Is there a more complicated word in the dictionary?

Those who have one, two or many, know’s what I’m talking about.

For me, I ride a fine line between, promising myself “I will never talk to them again.”

To vowing to be a “ride along” in “hiding the body.”

Yes I agree, not always the healthiest relationship you’ll ever have.

But, when it’s good there is nothing like it.

The thing is, growing up with my sisters, (the three of us only a year a part.) All going through life differently.

Our points of views, slightly to completely different. As well as, our likes and dislikes.

And yet, I expect my siblings to feel exactly the same as i did or do. At least, I thought I did.

Because, when you share 18 years under the same roof…fighting, crying, laughing and sharing.

You feel somewhat entitled to have a say in each others lives, right?

WRONG! So very wrong. I learned that the hard way.

I’ve been iced out for years from a relationship I couldn’t do without. No matter how hard things get between us or how mad we got. We always find a way back to each other because of forgiveness and love.

The thing I’d miss the most is this one memory… us sitting on the bed, just sitting. Sharing the same space, talking about absolutely nothing and everything.

Our parents worked as long as I could remember.

Therefore, leaving us to fend for ourselves like wild savages we once were, made for some interesting summers and after school entertainment.

Ah, the stories I could share if, I didn’t fear the wrath that would come from my sisters.

About Me

There’s a reason why the statement “it takes a village to raise a child” is so powerful, it’s because it can resinate with all of us. We all need a little help from time to time,  life is tough and its even tougher doing it alone.

I hope my “2 cent” I’ve gained over the many years of motherhood, relationships, cooking, baking and DYI’s can inspire you and I’m sure if you stick around long enough you’ll hear about a few embarrassing  missteps and how with laughter, love and sisterhood I’ve learned from them.

What can I say, I have never been really good at “about me” conversations, but here goes nothing

I’m the middle child of two great sisters,  I got the bum deal in every sleeping arrangement on trips and overseas travels, our van’s floorboard on long road trips, sleeping at the end of the bed while fighting off four restless legs when the three of us were forced to share a full size bed.

I was no Saint, I’m sure my sisters could contest to that. I did my fair share of torment like most middle children do.

Throughout our horse play and nonsense I  realize the importance of our relationships within each other, its something I continue to nurcher within my own daughters.

I’m not a writer but I am a story teller in all formats, pictures, writing and cooking

…..DIY is  Inherently in my blood. I watched from the best, my mom.

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