Spring 2021

Puff sleeves

Top left to right; via glamour, via white camellias middle left to right; Edward Berthelot/Getty Images, Photographed by Acielle / Style duMondebottom right;Stylist magazine

To have To have not..Gidot sleeve, or puffed sleeves are ultra feminine.

The sleeves give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

(Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Trench coats

from left to right; Imaxtree, Imaxtree, glamour, moded amour, Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Something so classic to have. The coat that looks great even with formal

Sheer Intimates

from left to right top; Imaxtree, Edward Berthelot/Getty, chira ferragni via katewaterhouse

Definitely a statement piece. Worn over a slip or with confidence, this piece is a sure head turner. Just checking!

High waisted pants

from left to right; darrel hunter/the zoe report, the impressionist, popsugar, Candice Swanepoel Street Style


From left to right; Eugénie Trochu Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde, Leonie Hanne Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde, Christian Vierig/Getty Images, Christian Vierig/Getty Images

When it comes to boots, Nothing is off limits.


From left to right; Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde, via habitually chic, Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde, getty image via cosmopolitan

Why does it always feel like you are put together while wearing pleats. Pleats add an even greater amplitude to a shape (particularly the skirt). Think Marilyn Monroe over the air vent in ‘The 7 Year Itch’.

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