Paper Mache Jellyfish

I have been trying to re-vamp my twins playroom for some time. Every time I feel like I could close the book on it, another opportunity arises and takes over. I was left with this wonderful Japanese printed fabric, that my mom brought back from Japan. Living in Japan for 11 years is always goingContinue reading “Paper Mache Jellyfish”

Easy diy wall mirrors

what you will be looking for any placemat or plate charger and a mirror. Thrift stores are great places to find unique pieces. I was happy to stumble on these woven plate chargers in a pack of 5 for four dollars. If, thrifting is not your thing then head over to Target or Hobby lobbyContinue reading “Easy diy wall mirrors”

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DIY Dollar Store Stacking Wall Shelves

I love the fact that it’s so versatile, just like those stackable, octagon shelves I’ve been seeing everywhere. Except, these boxes cost next to nothing. Before applying stain you want to lightly sand down any rough edges (I’ve even used nail files) You can use a brush to evenly coat front and back of box.Continue reading “DIY Dollar Store Stacking Wall Shelves”

Save Your Avocado Seeds

When you try to live a sustainable lifestyle all and everything is useful and having children just ups the game. BC (before children) I use to live in a self serving lifestyle, I was financially stable, not set, but stable. Shopping trips were often, and “wants” instead of “needs” were justified. It was fun. IContinue reading “Save Your Avocado Seeds”

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Wine Cork Mushroom Ornament

I bet we all have lots of wine corks lying around, thanks to 2020. If you’re looking for a reuse project then keep scrolling. So simple even your cat can make. Air dry clay, mushroom ornament could be used in your garden, tied to a gift, reused as wine cork (minus the wire), part ofContinue reading “Wine Cork Mushroom Ornament”

Air plant display

Ever notice those beautiful plants that have fallen from trees, realizing, they look like Air Plants but, couldn’t be because these are free and right in our backyard. Tillandsia recurvata, commonly known as ball moss, a flowering plant (not a true moss) in the family Bromeliaceae that grows upon larger host plants. It grows well in areas withContinue reading “Air plant display”

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Spring DIY Starting with a “better version” of myself.

Spring is right around the coner why not add a little change to your deco to start the New Year. We’ve survive the holidays….now we can focus on “us” without the guilt. And for me that means diving back into the many projects I put on hold. Because, this girl can proudly abmit, I can’tContinue reading “Spring DIY Starting with a “better version” of myself.”

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Air Dry Stampted Clay Ornaments

Well, the name says it all. “Air Dry” nothing easier then that. Love a good Air Dry every once and a while. Especially, one that is painted with something that you already have on hand…nail polish. What you will need: Air Dry Clay Cookie cutters Stamps Dried Flowers *optional Rolling pin Nail Polish *optional*Continue reading “Air Dry Stampted Clay Ornaments”

DIY Christmas Wreath for under $10

It’s that time of year when the snows falling down…. da da da da da that’s as far as I know with this catchy song. So, the stage is set. It’s Christmas time! *Oprah voice* “you get a wreath and you get a wreath!” Let’s craft, shall we. Items that are worth nearly nothing. *SideContinue reading “DIY Christmas Wreath for under $10”