Let It Pass

Parenting makes you come face to face with your fears and anxieties. And, if not prepared, it could knock you off your pedestal every once and awhile. The real truth is that, until we are able to acknowledge it. It will return.’ Facing fears, what does that actually mean–standing on top of the ladder withoutContinue reading “Let It Pass”

Save Your Avocado Seeds

When you try to live a sustainable lifestyle all and everything is useful and having children just ups the game. BC (before children) I use to live in a self serving lifestyle, I was financially stable, not set, but stable. Shopping trips were often, and “wants” instead of “needs” were justified. It was fun. IContinue reading “Save Your Avocado Seeds”

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Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them

Dopamine– The Reward Chemical Listening to music Self- care activities Getting a good nights rest Foods to eat; drak chocolate, cheese, unprocessed meats, fish, dairy, almonds, walnuts, fruits and vegetables. Oxytocin- The Love Hormone Self-care Hugs Cuddle up; with your pets or loved ones Try out yoga Letting someone know how much you appreciate them-Continue reading “Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them”

It’s our responsibility to regulate our own emotions.

Your mind can be a dangerous place to be in, if you’re in it for too long…. AND my damn van radio is out. I see you universe!’ It’s broken. Well, it’s been broken for over a year now. But, lately the silence seem to be getting to me. Usually, I like a quite space,Continue reading “It’s our responsibility to regulate our own emotions.”


That damn clock ticks loud in my ear reminding me how much time I’m wasting. Father time you’re an asshole, bossy as hell and I don’t even want to get into the shit you do to my body when I’m not looking. We are all peons to his ever demanding timekeeping being told “when to”Continue reading “Mindfulness”

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