Let us meet and greet

Motherhood has chewed us up and spitten us out on more then one occasion along the way we have found tips and tricks that has helped us survived.

Me being the youngest child, got in later in the game of parenting. The idea of being a parent was beautiful but, a lot of obstacles in the way. Now, I am leaning on my sisters and mom for advice on two year old twin toddler .

Dora (logical thinker) being the middle child fell in love and years later had two girls now 13 and 10.

Day in and day out of parenting or, life in general is tough and I am lucky enough to have my sister on speed dial because if somebody “knows it all” in a useless facts kinda way (her words not mine) it’s her.

She is like.. do you know the show “Naked and Afraid”? She would be the one that would get you off the island.

I am like the person who would not join the show because I know my limits and “why kid myself?” I’m good here!

Although, I would build the best house with whatever twigs we find, then we would have cute leaf outfits designed by yours truly. Our makeup would be from berries as blush and little bit of dirt for eyeshadow . I got you girl!

Not sure if us being Latchkey kids has anything to do with our keen survival skills or watching our strong-willed father not give up with obstacles in front of him or our problem solving, crafty, mama or us living abroad for eleven years in Japan.

Whatever it is/was very thankful for it, with the times we are living.

Being a problem-solver is a must. And “common sense” should be a shot that is given at birth, to everyone.

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